Pairs Desk

This is the Pairs Partnership Desk (ie: for pairs looking to form a team with another pair(s)). There is a completely separate Individual Partnership Desk for IAC Members wishing to form a partnership with a compatible person. Create a record for your partnership and then others can contact you or you can search for compatible partnerships already registered on the pairs Desk.

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Help on "Pairs Desk"
The idea of the Pairs Desk is to allow pairs who do are not yet in a Team to find another pair(s). If you already in a Team and are not looking to be part of an additional Team then there is little point in creating a record within the Pairs Desk as it will (1) clog up the system with useless records making it more difficult to search and (2) make it frustrating for pairs contacting you only to find you're not interested.

Filtering Records
You can filter the records displayed by entering your own preferences.These are much simpler than the Partnership desk since the only serious issues are Playing Level and Time Zones. The search the system does is INCLUSIVE within a given category, but EXCLUSIVE between Categories. Forming stable Teams on BBO does normally entail a degree of flexibility where times are concerned. You will also want another Pair of a similar Level to yours. As with the Partnership Desk, simply click on without doing any filtering to see all the records.

Creating a Record
When creating your own record for the Pairs Desk you need to be as accurate as possible, but also reflecting your own ability to be flexible. It's all very well saying you're an Expert pair, but if you're really Intermediate you'll be found out soon enough.

Forming a Team
If people have supplied an Email Address when registering on the site, you can click on their Name in the list of records to initiate an email to them if you want to try playing together as a team. If that process is successful and you form a Team, then appoint a Captain and get them to register the Team for the Teams Series and it really would help everyone if you came back to the Pairs Desk and deleted your records there.