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This is the website for the BBO Intermediate / Advanced Club, a private Teaching club on Bridgebase Online.

If you are a member of IAC, please Sign In each time you visit the site. All the dates/times shown on this site are shown in your local time, but that will only be the case if you have shown your TimeZone and Daylight Saving settings in your Site Profile and are signed into the site. Moreover you can only be awarded IAC Masterpoints or take part in Club competitions if you are a Member. To apply to join IAC, simply register on the site.
IAC News
Mon, 20-Nov-2017 Grant Griffin's lesson
Please note that there won't be ggriffin0's lesson this Thursday, Nov 23rd, as it's big holiday in USA. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it :)
Fri, 27-Oct-2017 IAC Teammatches VS the World
A new exciting and pretty unique event is being organized in IAC, by Grant Griffin. The first IAC vs World TM will take place on December 7th at 2pm EST, 7pm London. Four members from the winning Team of last years TM series have agreed to play; Each participating in 8 boards a with an IAC teacher-mentor.

For more details, please check IAC forums:
Thu, 26-Oct-2017 Daylight Savings
Just a reminder that Daylight Savings ends in Europe this coming weekend and in the US and Canada NEXT weekend. This affects the actual or apparent times of teaching sessions and tourneys held by IAC. Please CHECK the times of sessions you are intending to turn up to so that you are not disappointed by turning up at the wrong time.

For example, OliverC's Saturday Sessions are always at 9pm UTC, so NEXT week (4th November) it will appear to be an hour earlier for those in Europe (but no chance for those in the US) and the following week (11th November) an hour earlier for those in the US and Canada.

If your Time Zone and Daylight Savings are set properly in your site profile, the IAC website should show the times accurately for you in the IAC Diary, where times are always shown in your local time.
Upcoming Events
Date Time Teacher Session
Sat 25-Nov-2017 21:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision
Mon 27-Nov-2017 18:00 Angel blue Teaching Tourney with prepared hands
Tue 28-Nov-2017 19:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
Thu 30-Nov-2017 19:00 ggriffin0 Bidding theory
Sat 02-Dec-2017 21:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision
Mon 04-Dec-2017 18:00 Angel blue Teaching Tourney with prepared hands
Tue 05-Dec-2017 19:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
Wed 06-Dec-2017 19:00 hoki Bid/Play Session Plus Review
Thu 07-Dec-2017 19:00 ggriffin0 Bidding theory
Sat 09-Dec-2017 21:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision
Mon 11-Dec-2017 18:00 Angel blue Teaching Tourney with prepared hands
Tue 12-Dec-2017 19:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
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