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This is the website for the BBO Intermediate / Advanced Club, a private Teaching club on Bridgebase Online.

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IAC News
Mon, 12-Feb-2018 IAC vs World Team Matches
Grant Griffin is ready to go on with Team Matches after fantastic success first one had. To see when they will be held and how you should sign up read on IAC Forum:
IAC vs World.
Mon, 12-Feb-2018 Wednesday schedule in February
Please note what awaits you on remaining Wednesdays in February:
Feb 14th - Special Squeeze lesson with Angel Blue.
Feb 21st - Special Squeeze lesson with Angel Blue.
Feb 28th - IAC exclusive tournament with Ian84.
For times please see diary and check your bbo mail.

Wednesdays from March on will be:
1st Wed : 8 board tournament that will be followed by discussion at Hoki's table in IAC.
3rd Wed : Play and discuss session at Hoki's table in IAC.
All other Wednesdays will have IAC Exclusive 12 board tournament with Ian84.
Tue, 02-Jan-2018 Special Squeeze lesson by Angel Blue
There will be TWO more of these special Squeeze Lessons: both at 1800 GMP, 1 pm eastern, to be held on WED Feb 14th and WED Feb 21st.
Previous lessons on squeezes are now posted on IAC's youtube channel, link is: IAC YouTubePage

Please bookmark it, as there you will find videos of all relevant events in IAC. And do download for free aaBridge (at ) where you will find Arik's, Hondo's, OCP lessons among more. Watch your bbo-mail, as there might be more special squeeze lessons. Thanks to Arik, Karen10, GG_bridge and RogerPfi!
Upcoming Events
Date Time Teacher Session
Wed 21-Feb-2018 18:00 Angel blue SPECIAL Squeeze Lesson
Thu 22-Feb-2018 19:00 ggriffin0 Bidding theory
Sat 24-Feb-2018 21:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision
Mon 26-Feb-2018 18:00 Angel blue Teaching Tourney with prepared hands
Tue 27-Feb-2018 19:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
Thu 01-Mar-2018 19:00 ggriffin0 Bidding theory
Sat 03-Mar-2018 21:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision
Mon 05-Mar-2018 18:00 Angel blue Teaching Tourney with prepared hands
Tue 06-Mar-2018 19:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
Wed 07-Mar-2018 19:00 hoki 8brd Tournamet followed by Review
Thu 08-Mar-2018 19:00 ggriffin0 Bidding theory
Sat 10-Mar-2018 21:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision
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