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This is the website for the BBO Intermediate / Advanced Club, a private Teaching club on Bridgebase Online.

If you are a member of IAC, please Sign In each time you visit the site. All the dates/times shown on this site are shown in your local time, but that will only be the case if you have shown your TimeZone and Daylight Saving settings in your Site Profile and are signed into the site. Moreover you can only be awarded IAC Masterpoints or take part in Club competitions if you are a Member.
FOR NEW MEMBERS: To join IAC, choose REGISTER from WELCOME dropbox at the middle top of this page, no applications sent in bbo will be considered. Your nickname (equal here to your BBO nickname) must be at least 6 months old and you must have at least 200 logins. Also, we will check your activity in MyHands, where you need 100+ hands played per month and decent average score, so you'll match skill level of our members. If some of those criterias you do not meet, to avoid rejection, pls await couple of months and apply then. Important: If your pard or friend is an IAC member and wants to recommend you, pls have them bbo_mail yleexotee, rich_a or Curls77; you will skip the check-up procedure. TY :)
Please keep in mind that bbo_iac nick is used by several people, IAC Admins and TDs. Not all will be able make a follow up of some your quest, best is to get name of person you spoke with and talk with them directly. Members able to summon bbo_iac: BabsG, binh123, BridgeSus1, Curls77, gypsy1308, hi bye, jcreech, Rich_a, Yleexotee, zdedo. Feel free contact any of them if you want table in iac filled.
IAC News
Sun, 19-May-2019 OliverC Sessions on OCP Super-Precision
Because of too many conflicting commitments in June, Oliver will be starting his course on OCP Super-Precision at 8pm UTC (9pm UK, 4pm EDT) on Saturday 6th July in IAC. This is an exciting system that is challenging but also great fun to use and which can take your bidding to a whole new level. There is a dedicated Website to support the system and a Discussion Forum to support those using it. OCP even has its own YouTube Channel with videos of lessons.

Interested? Come along on 6th July... The times of the lessons are slightly variable on a 5-week cycle (check the IAC Diary and keep an eye open for announcements)
Wed, 01-May-2019 Pause in
"Focus on Defence", a series of 7 mentoring sessions will have temporary stop while 007 Joosth is away. He will resume lessons on June 7th, we'll advise timely :)
So PLEASE plan to join our new TD, hi bye that will run IAC Friday Fun pairs tournament at same time, keeping this slot occupied. All Friday's in May, at 1800 UTC, 2pm eastern america, 8 pm central europe. All welcome, let's thank IAC volunteers for their time and effort with nice turnout!
Upcoming Events
Date Time Teacher Session
Mon 20-May-2019 18:00 Curls77 Dare to practice? 8 random Dare to Declare lessons from Angel Blue
Tue 21-May-2019 18:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
Wed 22-May-2019 20:00 gypsy1308 Aussies and Kiwies with us :) Regular trny with Eleanor
Thu 23-May-2019 18:00 DonnaS Misunderstandings within pardship? Off they go!
Fri 24-May-2019 18:00 hi bye Friday IAC Fun
Sun 26-May-2019 18:00 Curls77 IAC Survivor
Mon 27-May-2019 18:00 Curls77 Dare to practice? 8 random Dare to Declare lessons from Angel Blue
Tue 28-May-2019 18:00 Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
Wed 29-May-2019 20:00 gypsy1308 Aussies and Kiwies with us :) Regular trny with Eleanor
Thu 30-May-2019 20:00 jcreech Creecher features
Fri 31-May-2019 18:00 hi bye Friday IAC Fun
Sun 02-Jun-2019 18:00 Curls77 IAC Survivor
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