About Spur Teams Matches

IAC Spur Team Matches have become very popular. They are not scheduled events, our volunteer TDs run them when they have time, most of days between 1700 and 2400 UTC (noon to 10pm edt). They will never run in parallel with scheduled IAC tournament, mentoring session or a lesson. Only matches set by bbo_iac will give Monster Points to the winners.
Each Team Match begins as soon as two tables are full in IAC room, with players sitting exactly as they are. If you want to play, join an empty place of an open table, or start an new table if all are full. They are fun and quick, every member is welcome, pls plan to join :)
When setting your team, you are free to reserve a seat for partner or friends, but please do not lock seats without reservation, all members should be able to join a vacant seat. Also, never forget, we are a teaching club so please never block kibitzers -- other members can learn by watching.
BBO is changing clients, there are flash and html web versions, and several android versions, please make sure you use one that will show invite, each time a player misses it, or declines it, delays the match and forces TD to re-type all names.
Rules for Team matches are similar to rules for tournaments, details are here

Needless to say, not all IAC members want to play in matches, you are always free to enjoy a friendly game in the IAC club even when Spurs are running.
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