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Advertise your playing times here!!. Currently people arrive in IAC, stay for a while and then leave because nobody else comes. If you know you are going to be available to play in IAC at a particular time on a particular day of the week, as a one-off or a regular weekly slot, why not advertise it on this page and then others might come along.

Times are displayed in your local time, but when editing or creating a record it is essential that you express times in UTC. If you set it to a one-off then it'll drop off once that date has passed. You can edit or delete any record in which you are named, whether it was created by you or your partner. If you create a regular slot and no longer intend to keep to it, please remove it from here so that people aren't disappointed.
Weekly Calendar
Time Players Comments Actions
18:30 - 20:30 DickHy & willo49 Usually every week, 1930 UK local time. But same time as Angel Blue's lesson. So we may be playing somewhere else. Shout if you want us to play in IAC after Angel's lesson
16:00 - 18:00 coco0407 For a TM
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