Partnership Desk

This is the Individual's Partnership Desk (ie: for individuals looking to form a partnership). There is a completely separate Pairs Partnership Desk for Pairs wishing to form a Team. The purpose of this page is to allow you to find a compatible partner from amongst IAC Members. You can "post" your own details and preferences here and then others can contact you if interested or you can search the other records to try to find someone who seems right for you.
Individuals Looking for Partners
Name Level System Time Zone Actions
henriqued Intermediate SAYC West Eur
shuRobert Advanced SAYC, 2/1 USA East
soap4u Advanced SAYC, 2/1, Prec USA Pac
TJ_RJ Advanced 2/1, Acol
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Help on "Partnership Desk"
The idea of the Partnership Desk is to allow individuals who do not have a stable partnership within IAC to find a compatible partner. If you already have a partner within IAC and are not looking to form another partnership then there is little point in creating a record within the Partnership Desk as it will (1) clog up the system with useless records making it more difficult to search and (2) make it frustrating for people contacting you only to find you're not interested.

Filtering Records
You can filter the records displayed by entering your own preferences but if, for example, you check "Precision Club" you will only see records where that is also checked. The search the system does is INCLUSIVE within a given category, but EXCLUSIVE between Categories. What that means is that if you check Precision Club and 2 Over 1 and USA Eastern you will only see records that have either Precision Club or 2 Over 1 checked, that also have USA Eastern checked. The suggestion is not to be too specific. The more items you check the fewer records you will see. Simply click on without doing any filtering to see all the records.

Creating a Record
When creating your own record for the Partnership Desk you need to be as accurate as possible, but also reflecting your own ability to be flexible. So if you are only interested in a partnership with someone from a similar Time Zone to yourself, then just check the one that applies to you, but if you can be flexible on times, then check more. The same applies to Weekdays. If you can only play on Saturdays and Sundays then just check those, but otherwise check all of the days on which you do or potentially can play on Bridgebase.

Forming a Partnership
If people have supplied an Email Address when registering on the site, you can click on their Name in the list of records to initiate an email to them if you want to try playing together to see if you are really compatible as a pair. If that process is successful and you form a partnership, it really would help everyone if you came back to the Partnership Desk and each deleted your records there.