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The Club
IAC exists as a Private Club within Bridgebase Online, the premier online Bridge site. We have a hard core of about 500 regular members from a total membership of over 3000.

We are currently not actively recruiting new members, but if you are interested in joining IAC, please email BBO_IAC, giving details of your playing level, reasons for wanting to join and specifically which Teaching Sessions you are interested in attending.
Aims & Ambitions
Our aim is to help people in the Intermediate to Advanced range of playing ability to improve their Bridge skills. We seek to provide a friendly, supportive and secure environment in which people can improve their skills with other members of a similar level.
We have a number of teachers delivering online Teaching Sessions each week. These teaching sessions are free to members and cover basic and advanced bidding theory, systems ranging from Standard American to Super-Precision, and aspects of Declarer Play and Defence.

Our Teachers come from a diverse range of backgrounds but all give their teaching time free of charge. At the moment, some of our teachers are on holiday.
We currently run a number of scheduled Pairs Tournaments each week. These are directed by Curls77, bbo_iac and Dulci and we award IAC Master points to placed pairs. Teachers also schedule occasional Teaching Tourneys in addition to these.

We occasionally run a Teams League. The matches are played at two different times (GMT/UTC) on Saturdays and Sundays, and each Series lasts for 3 or more weeks. IAC Master Points are awarded for match wins.

We also occasionally run a Pairs Ladder and a Teams Ladder. These are inactive at the moment.
Who Helps to Run IAC?
The people listed below are the ones who keep IAC ticking over. Where we have the information you can click on the <View> button to see more about them.
Name Responsibility View
Onoway (Pam) IAC Manager
Yleexotee (Joe Albert Garcia) Ladder Administrator
ggriffin0 (Grant Griffin) New Members & IAC Teacher
BabsG (Babs) Table assistant
binh123 (nguyen thai) TD
Kastan88 (Jaak) TD
Chas_P (Charles Pierson) Teaching Schedule
Dulci (Jane Stockard) Tournament Director
curls77 (Sanya) Tournament Director
OliverC (Oliver Clarke) Website
IAC Teachers
The people listed below are those who generously give their time to teach Bridge in IAC.
Name Website View
Angel blue (Arik) http://angelblue.co.il/
bbo_iac ((Various))
binh123 (nguyen thai)
Chick (Cornelia Yoder) http://www.onlinebridgelessons.com
Curls77 (Sanya)
Dave_G (Dave Greenough)
dulci (Jane Stockard)
ggriffin0 (Grant Griffin)
gypsy1308 (Eleanor)
hoki (Oliver Hoffmann)
Ian84 (Ian Cropton)
Kastan88 (Jaak)
MarcSmith (Marc Smith) http://www.bridge-teacher.com
OliverC (Oliver Clarke) http://ocp.pigpen.org.uk
W_O_B (Mike Dorn Wiss)
yleexotee (Joe Albert Garcia) https://tinyurl.com/jyw73px
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Help on "About IAC"
This page just tells you a little bit about IAC, its aims and ambitions. It also lists the people who help to run IAC in their various capacities, and the Teachers who conduct teaching Sessions in AIC. Where that person has provided some additional information about themselves and/or a picture, those can be seen by clicking on the enabled "View" button. Where no such info.picture is available that button is greyed out and disabled.