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This is your page for public messages to other IAC Members, comments about the site, IAC, or BBO, etc.

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Help on "User Comments"
This is a simple messaging facility. You can read comments and filter by Category or Author as required. You can Reply to any Comment that has been made (including one you've made) and Replies to Replies are just another reply to the original comment in the thread. You can also Edit the text, Title and/or Category of Comments you have posted and the text of Replies that you have posted.

  • When creating a Comment, select the Category for it from the drop-down list or create a New Category simply by typing a suitable name for it in the New Category field.
  • Current Categories include:
    • Visitors Book: Just to let us know you were here...
    • Bug Reports: Tell us if something is not working properly on the site...
    • IAC: Some comments about how IAC runs on BBO, or suggestions about how the Club can be improved...
    • ChitChat: Just for general chat about anything related to Bridge, or BBO...
  • To protect the integrity of the site, you will find you cannot do anything adventurous so far as formatting the text is concerned. You will not, for example, be able to insert paragraph breaks or anything like that.
  • Please do not abuse this facility. Comments or Replies that are abusive or insulting or in some way inappropriate will be deleted.
  • With the advent of the IAC Forums, it's possible that the shelf-life of this facility is limited.