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This is the website for the BBO Intermediate / Advanced Club, a private Teaching club on Bridgebase Online.

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If you have a question, feel free contact on BBO any of our administrators, listed in *About IAC* page, or mail us at:
IAC News
Wednesday - yleexotee on 2/1 bidding. Do not miss another great session on 2/1 bidding presented by yleexotee (Joe). Recommended for all members, but especially for newcomers, ACOL & SAYC players, and any member wanting to learn more about the system. The IAC encourages 2/1 for playing with pickup partners in our club, and the link below details the most common conventions that you should all try to play!

Weekly Sessions at 1800utc, 2pm NY, 8pm Paris. Be sure to join in the newest BBO version to hear voice. Do not miss - come learn simple 2/1. See system notes at:

Thursday - Cedar on Squeezes - Alan Jones will continue his weekly sessions - primarily using hand examples and inviting students to sit and play the hands to illustrate what he's teaching. Sessions start at 1400utc, 10am NY, 3pm London, last about 60 minutes, and utilize bbo voice.
Alan has prepared many (many) examples to be covered in voice sessions weekly on Thursdays, do not miss ! : ) A video of the first session on SQUEEZES has been uploaded to our IAC YouTube site at

Video of Chick's Session Uploaded to YouTube - Despite a few hiccups during the recording, Chick's session on the Inverted Minor Convention has been uploaded to our IAC YouTube site. Be sure to check it out if you weren't able to attend - Chick is an excellent teacher and covered the topic with her usual expertise. You can find the video at: .

Some of teachers will use alternative ways instead of bbo voice, as Chick used youtube. One of most popular is ZOOM , please download and install it, to have it ready. It will be used in this Thursday Cedar's Evergreen Squeezes lesson.
Wed, 13-May-2020 STICKY TOPIC
Do you want to apply for IAC membership? Please click the WELCOME at the top middle of this page (and choose REGISTER from the drop down list). We request that you complete all the fields -- your bbo nick_name, actual name, email address, time zone, DST region. If a current member in good standing recommends you, IAC will wave the other acceptance requirements (posted in IAC COC page).
Once you are accepted, do go register at IAC forums as well :

Most lessons in IAC will use voice feature. To be able hear, make sure you are logged into bbo with its latest V3 version:, thru browser (apps do not transmit it).
Watch useful videos how to get around V3, find IAC room, join tournaments etc at: IAC Youtube Channel

Be aware that BBO issues are still creating problems for newly approved members. The simple explanation is that BBO has to fix our current problem with new members not being able to join mentoring tables in the IAC. Sanya has sent out a communication to members covering this issue, please take the time to read it if you are a new member.

We are fast nearing the point where we must give up BBO Version 2. Currently, if you log in with the old version (V2), you will see no players (logged in with V3) who have left the main area to play in "Casual", and of course no tables on that server either. So unless you are playing with friends who are all using V2, you are seriously limiting the number of players you will interact with by continuing to use the older version. The only way for players on the old version to see players who log into V3, is if the "new version" players stay in the main area (that is don't leave by clicking on "casual").
Mon, 11-May-2020 BridgeWorld Quiz and other Monster Point news!
The July Bridge World Quiz is ongoing now. You can find the quiz at BridgeWorld , submit your answers online and then either post your answers in the forum or send them privately to Masse24. To submit your answers in the IAC forum you must register at : IAC Forum

Do join the contest .. and ask your partner to join too .. see how many answers you agree with your partner and the experts.
The July 2020 quiz deadline is June 10 at 9 am edst .

Monster Point Reward Winners for May! Even with our reduced tourney schedule four players earned 10 Monster Points for participating in the most events during the month of May. At the top of the list were Veeree (40), ccr3 (40), djc11 (39), and Nehabridge (37). Additionally, Thornbury, BluBayou and Khan1234 all participated in more than 20 events.

Upcoming Events
Date Time Teacher Session
Thu 04-Jun-2020 14:00 Cedar Evergreen Squeezes with Cedar
18:00 DonnaS Misunderstandings within pardship? Off they go!
23:45 BluBayou Late IAC Reg Tourney
Sat 06-Jun-2020 19:00 OliverC OCP Super-Precision (Defensive Bidding (3))
23:45 BluBayou Not-So-Sour Goulash Tourney
Sun 07-Jun-2020 11:00 djc11 IAC Sunday Funday Tourney
20:10 Curls77 IAC Survivor Trny
Mon 08-Jun-2020 18:00 poco1 Declarer play theme sessions + voice review with Poco1
Tue 09-Jun-2020 14:50 djc11 Trippy Tuesday Trny
20:05 Curls77 IAC starving for trnys, lets have nice INDY one :) Practice IAC standard system lectured on Wed !
23:45 BluBayou Not-So-Sour Goulash
Wed 10-Jun-2020 18:00 yleexotee Practice Standard IAC 2/1 system - bid, lead, claim :) System notes at
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