Teachers and Teaching

IAC is first and foremost a Teaching Club. Here are listed IAC's teachers and TD's, although not all are currently active. Please check the Diary for scheduled Teaching sessions and Tourneys.
IAC Teachers & Tournament Directors
Teacher Name IAC Role Website URL Actions
Angel blue Arik Teacher http://angelblue.co.il/
bbo_iac (Various) Tournament Director
binh123 nguyen thai Tournament Director
Chick Cornelia Yoder Teacher http://www.onlinebridgelessons.com
Curls77 Sanya Tournament Director
Dave_G Dave Greenough Teacher
dulci Jane Stockard Tournament Director
ggriffin0 Grant Griffin Teacher
gypsy1308 Eleanor Tournament Director
hoki Oliver Hoffmann Teacher
Ian84 Ian Cropton Tournament Director
Kastan88 Jaak Tournament Director
MarcSmith Marc Smith Teacher http://www.bridge-teacher.com
OliverC Oliver Clarke Teacher http://ocp.pigpen.org.uk
W_O_B Mike Dorn Wiss Teacher
yleexotee Joe Albert Garcia Teacher https://tinyurl.com/jyw73px
Teaching Sessions & Tourneys
Day Time Teacher Topic Actions
Sunday 18:00 UTC binh123 PRIME TIME Individual Fun.
Monday 17:00 UTC Angel blue DARE TO DECLARE? Tourney+review, declarer techiques
17:00 UTC Curls77 Dare to Practice trny - 8brd preset contracts
23:00 UTC W_O_B Wisskers On Bridge
Tuesday 18:00 UTC Dave_G Play and Discuss Session
21:45 UTC Chick Visualizing the Cards Around the Table: What is the bidding saying or not saying?
Wednesday 18:00 UTC binh123 IAC PRIME TIME Trny
19:00 UTC hoki 8 Board Teaching Tournament followed by Review of the hands in the IAC room
19:00 UTC hoki Bid/Play and review session with Hoki
Thursday 17:00 UTC Kastan88 Exhibition of the IMPressionists with Kastan88
Friday 16:00 UTC MarcSmith Planning the Play in Suit Contracts
17:00 UTC binh123 IAC PRIME TIME, do u dare keep this slot busy? ;)
17:00 UTC Curls77 Dare to Practice trny - 8brd preset contracts
Saturday 21:00 UTC OliverC OCP Super-Precision
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Help on "Teachers & Teaching"
Here are listed all of the people who currently teach in IAC and the basic records for their Teaching Sessions.In the IAC Teachers section, click on the "View Nickname" buttons to see more details. The buttons with blue rather than green text show that additional details and a picture can be seen for that Teacher.

Similarly, the Teaching Sessions section lists the basic details of the Sessions that each of the Teachers conducts in IAC. Click on the "View" Button to see further details of a particular Session.

Please Note: The Weekdays and Times shown on this page are not displayed in your local time but in GMT/UTC. If you want precise information on Teaching Sessions with times displayed in your local time, you are better consulting the IAC Diary. Please also remember that you will only see times in your local time if you've given us your Time Zone and Daylight Savings details in your Registration Record. For example if you are in the Eastern Time Zone in the USA (GMT/UTC -5) then on the Diary page you will see Hondo717's Session as 22:00 on Tuesday, but here it is shown in GMT/UTC as 03:00 on Wednesday.