IAC Tournaments

Currently, there are a number of regularly scheduled IAC Pairs Tournaments each week which are also announced via bbo email to all members. Check the IAC Diary from LEARN menu for up-to-date details. Listed times are all GMT/UTC.

To be able to play in the tournament, you need to register with your partner, or join Pardship desk to find one. Not all BBO clients have same route to get to the tournament area, please learn how to do it in the version you are using.

Rules for Tournaments can be seen here.
Scheduled Tourneys
  • Sunday 11:00 (GMT): IAC Sunday Funday Tourney with djc11
  • Sunday 19:00 (GMT): IAC Survivor Trny with oceanss
  • Monday 18:01 (GMT): Dare to practice? Trny with 8 predealt Declarer problems, followed by review with Poco1 V3 with oceanss
  • Tuesday 19:00 (GMT): Trippy Tuesday Trny with djc11
  • Tuesday 23:45 (GMT): Not-So-Sour Goulash with BluBayou
  • Wednesday 20:00 (GMT): IAC Fun Wednesday :) Regular trny with Eleanor with gypsy1308
  • Thursday 23:45 (GMT): Late IAC Reg Tourney with BluBayou
  • Saturday 18:15 (GMT): Mythical IAC Pairs Tourney with antepa
  • Saturday 23:45 (GMT): Sweet Goulash Tourney with BluBayou
Upcoming Tourneys
Date Time Type Director View
August 2020
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Help on "IAC Tournaments"
This page mainly displayed whatever regularly-scheduled Tournaments are held in the database. From time-to-time it may also show additional one-off tournaments planned by a Teacher or as a special event. In general IAC Master-points are only awarded for the regularly-scheduled tournaments.

Tournaments displayed here are split into two sections (Upcoming and Previous), each of which is in turn grouped by Month. To see the Tournaments for a particular month, just click on the [+] button to the left of the Month. The basic details for those Tourneys are now displayed.

To see further details click on the "View" button and fuller details are now displayed, along with the results if the Tournament has already been played. If the Tournament is a Teaching Tourney or a one-off special event using preset-hands, the LIN file of the hands may be available for download after the event has been played.