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Re: 2021 April MSC
« Reply #45 on: April 19, 2021, 04:48:39 AM »
             <<--------June 2021 2nd draft--------->>
Problem A:>  Still looks like what I want for a 3NT try facing a vul 2 level overcall
Problem B:>  pard might be 4=2=3=4 so rather than trust clubs i will wrong-side the 1NT contract. Still no guts to give the co-op double, light and with one trump.
                                                                -- 1NT --
Problem C:>  Three Clubs out-simulates passing out,  10 to 5.  Didn't look at any other bid choices as it took  320 iterations to even get 15 hands that logically start with 3 passes!
                                                           -- 3 Clubs --
Problem D:>  RKC is a bad bash;  mild slam try bombs out unless pard has a rock where ANY rebid would work.  That leaves the self splinter standing, since they left out choice D:"3 Diamonds--natural showing                       10 red cards"  lol         -- (a)  [ self-splinter in Clubs] --
Problem E:>  in 2S hit, they take 5 trumps somehow or even only 4 and we take the rest.
                                                             -- pass --
Problem F:>                                         -- pass --
Problem G:>  sometime between now(4/18/21) and curfew, Ken will show us how easy opps' 2H is, with                          their measly 18-count.        -- 2 Spades --
Problem H:>                                        -- Club ACE--

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