Author Topic: The New Swiss Teams event  (Read 181 times)


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The New Swiss Teams event
« on: August 15, 2020, 09:52:31 AM »
I like the innovative swiss teams event.  However, some of the deals appeared to be freaky.  One example:

You are dealt in 4th position nv v V playing against 2 “experts”:
♠ K2
♥ A87
♦ Q64
♣ KQ1094

The bidding goes:
1♣ - (p) - 2♠- (?)

My RHO does not alert 2♠.  OK if 2♠ was a weak bid max 6HCP what do I know?
1.   Partner did not overcall 1♣ and therefore must be balanced with likely 5 clubs.  Double might get us into 3♥ or 4♥ with a 4-3 fit and a likely bad break with the question would Lebensohl apply here?    If so, a weak partner could bid 2NT and we get to 3♥ via my 3♣ response to Leb.  And if partner did have 10+ could show this with a direct 3♥. 
2.   I really am not strong enough for a bid of 2N.
So, I passed and hoped the opps were not on the same wavelength.  My LHO thought for some time raised to 3♠.  Partner passed and then RHO thought for some time and also passed. 

I then asked RHO “ 2♠ = ?”  and got the reply “weak”.  Would you have done any different?

I might as well reveal that partner had:
♠ A83
♥ 9654
♦ J852
♣ AJ

You can see that in 3N there are 8 top tricks on a ♠ lead and the 9th must come from making a 3rd ♦ trick.  ♦ split 3-3 and AK are in the same hand.  On a ♥ lead they split 3-3 so the defence can only take 2 ♥ tricks and 2 ♦ tricks. 

We defeated 3♠ for one off and would have gained with imps across the field.  However, our direct opps at the other table were the only pair who did bid 2N after the same auction and so made 3NT.  Our loss was  6 imps on the board.

On another board the opps were in 4♠ with 3 certain losers and had to make 4 tricks in ♥s with ♥AKJ3 opposite ♥ 986.  Needless to say, they split 3-3 with the Q♥ onside and 18% chance I believe without checking. 


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Re: The New Swiss Teams event
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2020, 08:50:13 PM »
Hi Jack
I am glad you like the format, which is not really new, but it is new in IAC.

However, all IAC rules apply and therefore prompt alerts are expected. The 2S bid is clearly week, and as it was not opened as such, either suit is very weak or player had 4 of other major, or hand just did not classify as good enough to bid 2S in their opinion.
Can you show what they had and what would u do with that holding?