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IAC tournaments
« on: November 21, 2019, 08:36:36 PM »
Lets wish welcome back to Ian84 as IAC TD, greet just started poco1, and send appreciation to gypsy1308 that never stopped running trnys and helped teachers. djc11 will join iac td group soon.

Please be aware of IAC diary and schedule, you will find short descript in bbo_iac profiles as well. We still HAVE NOT ability to announce trnys, but it is easy to remmeber, all you need do is register and enjoy fun trnys!
MONDAY - Dare Practice and Survivor alternating weekly with Curls77
TUESDAY - Poco's Problems (every 2nd week)
WEDNESDAY - Aussies and Kiwies with us :) Regular trny with gypsy1308
SATURDAY - IAC Sizzler with Ian84
SUNDAY - Serious Sunday 16 bd MP with Ian84

All of them start at 1900 UTC, 2pm New York, 8pm Paris, 00:30am New Delhi

So easy to remember, please mark your schedule and join :) Some of them will have review in IAC afterwards, free discuss, great way to improve and learn while enjoing fun games with friends.