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Wacko’s Work-out
« on: February 20, 2020, 01:08:50 PM »
With great pleasure IAC informs you of start of new mentoring sessions, with Wackojack, on topic we all so much need! Hand Evaluation!!  :-*
This will be play & discuss session, using bbo voice, please plan attend. It will run every second Tuesday, grand opening is Feb 25th at 2000utc , 3pm NY, 9pm Paris.

Next session will be in different hour, because clock change awaits us, make sure you have your profile in IAC set correctly and double check start time of all events, do not miss all great lessons and trnys IAC prepared for you all  :)


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Re: Wacko’s Work-out
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 11:43:38 AM »
In latest Wacko's session, 2 tricky hands were dealt and we have called on Colin, our adorable poco1, to give us his analysis, and he was so kind to do so.

                          !S 98
                          !H AQ83
                          !D KT8
                          !C Q752

!S AQ72                                        !S   T43
!H 42                                            !H  KT975
!D J932                                          !D   -
!C 863                                           !C  AKT94

                      !S KJ65                                       
                      !H J6                                         
                      !D AQ7654                                           

W   -   N   -   E   -   S
-       Pass - Pass - 1D
Pass - 1H - Pass - 1S
Pass - 2NT - Pass - 3D
All Pass                   
Lead  !H 4

Declarer played  low, east won and cashed a top club, then switched back to hearts. Declarer has to make something of the spades, and should overtake the  !HJ to run a spade, if not covered. West will win, and will probably return a club. Dummy and east cover, and declarer ruffs. Now a top spade scoops up the ace, leaving declarer with the master Jack. (If anything, it is easier if east DOES cover the spade with the 10.) Declarer ruffs the next club and cashes the spade, discarding a club or heart from dummy… say a club. He can continue with his last spade, ruffing with dummy’s  !D8. (The play so far has shown 4 spades and 3 clubs in the west hand, and has strongly suggested 2 hearts. If so, diamonds are 4-0.) A heart is ruffed high, dummy re-entered with  !D10 and the last heart also ruffed high. That’s 9 tricks… a very tricky hand!



                          !S -
                          !H Q97642
                          !D KT864
                          !C 93

!S J82                                        !S   AQ975
!H 5                                           !H  KT8
!D QJ97                                      !D   A5
!C QT765                                   !C  AK4

                      !S KT643                                       
                      !H AJ3                                         
                      !D 32                                           
                      !C J82   

W   -   N   -   E   -   S
-        -        1S - Pass
2S - Pass - 4S - Pass
Pass - 4NT - 5S - Dbl
All Pass                                                                   
Lead  !C 2

Provided the right inferences are taken, this should not prove too difficult. North’s 4NT bid promised a very distributional two suiter and the double from south strongly suggests a substantial spade holding. It is not unreasonable to expect him to have both  !S K and !S 10. Declarer should win the first club in hand and run the !S 7 if not covered. When this wins, he continues with a low spade and all south can make is his !S K and the  !H A. If he does not cash his Ace, declarer will discard hearts on the long clubs and take the diamond finesse, after drawing the trumps.

Thanks Colin and Jack !  :)
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