IAC Teams Guidelines

The following are the guidelines / rules for the IAC Teams Series. We believe that most "rules" for behaviour at the table are a matter of common-sense so these are procedural guidelines for the most part. The BBO rules for tournaments apply with the following additions:
  1. Please remember that this is a friendly tournament, not the Bermuda Bowl Final. Discourtesy will be met with immediate removal from the match and possibly a ban for any future IAC team matches.
  2. Match Times are suggested only. If you cannot play at the suggested time/day, then the onus is on you to contact the opposing Captain and arrange an alternative time. Whatever happens the Match must be played and the result posted by Midnight EST on the date suggested. If this is not done, the likelyhood is that the round will be finalised without your result and neither team will get any VPs or MonsterPoints
  3. Teams who get a Bye will automatically be awarded 18 Victory Points. This will be done by IAC Staff. If circumstances permit we will try to organise a match between you and another Team getting a Bye or a scratch Team, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Team Captains tell your players to meet at a team table in IAC club 10 minutes before the match so Opps can find you easily and know when your team is all present and ready to go.
  5. If a team is not present (or only partly present) at the suggested (or agreed) time, then they will forfeit 10 IMPs, and a further 10 IMPs if more than 10 minutes late. If they are more than 20 minutes late they forfeit the match entirely (Non-offending Team need to let the Webmaster know by email).
  6. Home captains please be familiar with the procedure for setting tables as this is your responsibility [See the Match Settings Help Page]. If you're struggling, why not ask the Opposing Captain to help?
  7. Away captains are responsible for providing their player partnerships to the Home Captain.
  8. Winning captains, please be sure to post the raw scores in the results e.g. Feathers 17 - Balloons 15 not the + and - scores BBO posts as results. You will have the total IMP scores for each team visible on the Movie for the Match after the last Board has been completed.
  9. Winning and Losing Captains should include on the website which of their players (and/or Subs) played in the Match. It is essential that the Winning Captain does so by the time they result the match as otherwise their players will not get any IAC Monsterpoints.
  10. If you need a Substitute, it is your responsibility to find one. If nobody from your own team is available, then you may enlist the services of any IAC Member who is available. If you are struggling at the last minute, bbo_iac may be able to assist, but getting a team together is primarily your responsibility.
  11. When a series ends, confirm your team intends to play in the following series. Teams not confirmed by Tuesday before the start weekend may be dropped.
  12. Scoring is based entirely on the Victory Points and, in the event of a tie on VPs, on the IMP Totals of the Teams at the end of a Series. In the event of two or more Teams being tied for 1st place teams will be given the option of sharing 1st place or having a playoff game to decide the Series.
  13. Be nice to friend and foe and enjoy the games.
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Help on "IAC Teams Guidelines"
These are more procedural guidelines than anything else. For instructions on how to create/manage a Team, please see the page on Teams Notes. For instructions on how to create a Teams Match on BBO, please see the Match Settings page.

As stated on the page here, behaviour at a table is largely a matter of common sense and having respect for partner and opps alike. These are just guidelines to help you do the right thing at the right time if you are involved in the IAC Teams Series.