Teams Series

The IAC Teams Series is an occasional League split into 3, 5 or 7-week segments depending on the numbers of Teams taking part at any one time. Please check out the Match Settings, Teams Rules and Teams Notes pages for guidelines on managing a team, and instructions on setting matches on BBO. Please set bbo_iac as a TD when setting a match.

Team Captains are responsible for find a substitute player(s) if one or more of their team is unable to play or unexpectedly doesn't turn up.
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Help on "Teams Series"
The purpose of this page is to allow all AIC Members to lview the Teams, Players, Match Schedule and Results of the Teams Series that will be commencing at the beginning of November 2008. It will also allow Team Captains to create and administer their Teams andto enter results etc.

  • Anyone can create a Team but it's best if the Captain does it since the person creating the team will become the default Team Captain. Just click on the button below Teams.
  • You can only add Players to a Team if they are
    1. Registered on this Site, and
    2. Not already members of another Team.
  • You can view any Teams that have been created by clicking on the button. Team Captains will be able to edit their own Teams only.
  • People who are already Team Captains cannot add a second Team.

Further Help will become available when other facilities on this page are enabled.