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The IAC Teams Ladder is currently inactive.
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Help on "IAC Teams Ladder"

Rules for the IAC Teams Ladder

  1. Registrations: An individual can only be registered in one team. Maximum of 8 Players per Team. You can change the players in your team at will, but any changes must be made before a match starts and only listed players may play during a given match.
  2. New teams will start at the bottom of the ladder once the Ladder has commenced.
  3. Vacations: Since you can have up to 8 players in a Team, there are no provisions at this stage to permit "Ladder Vacations" in the Teams ladder.
  4. Challenges: You may only challenge a team up to 3 places above you in the ladder. The Team(s) you can challenge at any particular time are shown in green.
  5. You may only make 1 challenge at a time.
  6. You cannot challenge a team already involved in another match.
  7. You cannot challenge a team you've already played in the previous 14 days unless your team is in the top three ranks, in which case only 7 days has to pass before you can challenge again.
  8. Making a Challenge: It is initially the responsibility of the challenging team to immediately contact the opposing team to arrange a time/date for the match. The Ladder publishes your opps' email contact address once a challenge has been issued so you can cut and paste it into your own email client. Alternatives are to use the private messaging system on the site, or BBO itself, but email is definitely the most reliable route.
  9. Responding to a Challenge: Once a challenge has been issued, the challenged team must respond within one week in order to give sufficient time to arrange the match time, and the match must be played within 14 days of initial challenge. It is the responsibility of the nominated email contact for each team to notify their other teams members of challenges, dates for matches etc.
  10. If the one week response deadline is not met the challenging team will be awarded the win.
  11. Match Deadline: If the 14-day deadline is not observed both teams will drop by 2 places. The match must still be played, but the deadline extension is only for a further 7 days or a further 2-rank penalty occurs. Appeals will be considered when one team or another is unresponsive or unhelpful in arranging a date for a match.
  12. Setting the Match: It is primarily the responsibility of the Captain of the Challenging Team to set the match, or to arrange for it to be done. As with Teams Series Matches, the Match should be set with No Undos, Kibitzers allowed but silent, and Barometer scoring turned off. It is recommended that you try to obtain the services of a non-playing independent TD. IAC will not automatically provide a TD for Ladder Matches.
  13. Lateness: If you've agreed a time/date for the match, it's courteous to be there on time (preferrably 5 or 10 minutes before). In any case, you must be on BBO within 10 minutes of the agreed time. Offending Teams who turn up later than 10 minutes after the agreed time will forfeit one Board 10 IMPs. If they fail to turn up within 20 minutes of the agreed time, they will forfeit the match entirely. This also applies to disconnects, and leaving the table for any other reason (BRB - Be Right Backs are included). 10 mins is a loss of board, 20 mins forfeit. More than 2 disconnects/away from tables of any amount of time is a forfeit.
  14. No of Boards:These matches should be played over a minimum of 12 Boards. You can play more Boards if both Teams agree before the start of the match.
  15. Alerting: Please remember that all artificial bids (or ones with a special meaning Opps might not be aware of) should be alerted. Just giving the name of the convention is not sufficient. You should alert what your partnership understanding as to the meaning of the bid is. In addition, Full Disclosure Convention Cards (FDCC) may only be used with the option to alert your own side turned off.
  16. Scoring Format: IMP scoring will be used in all cases.
  17. Kibitzers: Kibitzers may be allowed but should be kept silent (as in a Teams Match in the Teams Series).
  18. Tie-breaking: In the event of a tie after 12 Boards, it is suggested that you play an additional 6 Boards to settle the match.
  19. Posting the Result: It is the responsibility of the winning Captain to enter the result on the Ladder. Please be careful not to result the match by mistake before it's been played.
  20. Rank Changes: If the challenging team wins, they take the place of the losing team, who moves down 1 rank. If the challenging team loses, nothing happens.
  21. Inactivity: A Team that has been inactive for 3 months will be deleted from the ladder.
  22. You must play a match, issue a challenge or be challenged at least once in any 28-day period. A Team not doing this will drop 10 places in the ladder for inactivity.
  23. Disputes, Problems, & Queries: Any problems or disputes should be notified to Joe Garcia (yleexotee - Ladder Admin), or Oliver Clarke (OliverC - Webmaster)


  • You must be logged into the website to use the Teams Ladder. If you're not logged in the site will not recognise you.
  • To register, simply choose a name for your Team. You will automatically be added as a Team Member and Captain and you can then choose your other players.
  • To issue a challenge, simply click on the name of the team you want to challenge. Only Teams eligible to be challenged by you are shown as a green clickable button.
  • Teams shown in blue below you are ones who can potentially challenge you.
  • Once a challenge has been issued, you will be able to see the contact email address for the opposing team. This should assist in organising the time/date for the match. You are free to use any other method to contact them, of course, but it is the responsibility of the challenging team to establish contact and notify their opponents of the challenge. It is then the responsibility of both teams to communicate with each other and arrange a suitable time/date for the match. You must be reasonably flexible in agreeing a date/time with the other Team.
  • To result a match, all you have to do is to click on the relevant button to shown them as the winners. Please do not do this before you have actually played the match and agreed the result with your Opponents.